Gan Piroliz technology has three main components;

Final Product With High Commercial Value

Production of High Quality Final Products With High Commercial Value and a Large Market

Low Energy Consumption

Sustainable and Secure Production With Low Energy Consumption

High Rate of Return

Optimum Cost Efficiency & Effectiveness

Gan Piroliz is a technology developer and an EPC company in the area of waste tyre pyrolysis; comprised of investors and professionals with over 20 years experience in the chemicals industry with the clear target becoming one of the leading global pyrolysis technology developers and producers.

After 4-years of extensive R&D and testing by a multi-discipline team of engineers, our current facility is operating in Hadımköy, Turkey.

Gan Piroliz is well aware that the road to success is based on full customer satisfaction, and the success & profitability of our clients. Hence:

  • Our management and engineering teams are working continuously in order to ensure that our technology enables our clients sustainable and rising profitability.
  • We have the necessary infrastructure and the financial strength to respond to the needs of our clients effectively and in a timely manner after sales
  • Our R & D team is working continously in order to optimize our technology and improve our products
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